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  • How do I build a LEGO set without instructions?
    If the set you are interested in or purchased does not include instructions, don't worry! LEGO has a repository of instructions for every LEGO set! Simply click this link and enter your set number to find your sets instructions. Link:
  • Where do you ship to?
    We use Canada Post to ship, and can ship anywhere they are able to ship to. Canada post ships to 192 countries internationally. Currently, Canada Post will ship to all countries except Sudan, Belarus, and Russia. For an up to date list of current shipping disruptions and suspensions, please visit
  • What payment methods do you take?
    For orders within Canada, we accept cash, money orders, or e-transfer. For international orders, we accept PayPal or money orders.
  • Will my set be assembled or disassembled?
    If your set is being shipped, it will be disassembled in order to prevent damage and get you the best shipping rate possible. If you are doing local pick-up or delivery, your set may or may not be assembled. If it is a small set, it will most likely be assembled. If it is a large set, it will be disassembled. If you choose local pick-up or delivery and would like your set to be disassembled for pick up, please let us know.
  • Can you assemble my set for me?
    If you choose local pick-up, we can assemble your set for you prior to pick-up for an assembly fee. The assembly fee ranges from $5-$40 depending on the size and complexity of the set. If you would like us to assemble your set for you, please let us know in your quote so we can get you an accurate cost estimate and pick-up date and time. We encourage everyone to build their new sets themselves! LEGO is fun for all ages. As adult fans of LEGO, we love building our own sets because it is fun and relaxing.
  • What do I do if my set is missing a piece?
    Please contact us! We ensure that at the time of building and photographing, every set has all of its listed pieces. If your set is missing a small piece when it arrives, please contact us and we would be happy to sort it out.
  • Why can't I just place my order online? Why do I have to request a quote?
    We use a quote system because we want to ensure that we are able to get you the most cost effective shipping method possible. Using a quote system allows us to ensure that each order is processed accurately before collecting payment.
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